The Via Heart Project will screen people ages 12-25 FREE OF CHARGE at Cordova High School Sunday February 24, 2019! 

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Volunteer at the Via Heart Project Heart Screening


Via Heart Project is a non-profit, San Francisco based organization dedicated to saving lives in schools, communities and organizations across the globe. 

Our family was privileged to tour the Via Heart Project Screening at Cordova High School last September and again at Vintage High School in Napa this February. We are highly impressed with how organized and professional the screening process and set up was, from the volunteer Fire Fighters and Paramedics doing EKG's to the volunteer Stanford Cardiologists reading results, composing reports and meeting with students and parents to discuss their findings. 

We feel this partnership with the Via Heart Project is a way to directly make a difference in our community for our kids! 

To find out more about the Via Heart Project please visit their website, click on the link below